RPM2016: A plan

We’re a week into February and I’ve done pretty much nothing towards my RPM project for this year. I knew I wanted to do some more electroacoustic stuff, but I didn’t really know what. I also knew I needed to get a piece happening for the BA gig this Saturday but didn’t really know what.

Yesterday I did some recording for the BA piece, though, and I think I really like the sounds I’ve got and there could be quite a bit of mileage in them. So I think I now have a plan. The BA piece will be about 5 minutes long. Tiny, really, but I think the RPM album will be an extended work on the same material, drawing it out, making it bigger (also audio-only rather than audoivisual/performative) which should be an interesting exercise. Not sure yet whether I’m thinking to work in movements or to create one chunky piece, but it’s nice to have a plan.

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