Announcing 1200RPM:RPM2015!

It was a tight squeeze, but I did it! I managed to get the entire RPM album done before the deadline!!! WOOHOO! OK, So officially it’s March here, and one of the pieces was mostly written after midnight tonight, but STILL. Considering the horrendous tech issues I’ve struggled with this month, I’m allowing it 🙂

I ended up going with the “35 minutes” option rather than the “10 tracks” one, so it’s nearly 36 minutes long and consists of four tracks: Nightbirds, Negative Space, Random Study No. 1, and the behemoth that is 1200RPM.

So it’s done, and all the tracks are up on SoundCloud. Sometime when it’s not nearly 5am, I will go back over all the tracks, make sure I’m happy with them and get them up onto Bandcamp. But right now it IS nearly 5am and I’m heading to bed. Hope you enjoy it!

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