RPM back on track

So it’s been a bit of a rough week, technologically – first contact mic problems, then Mbox problems, then the realisation that my little B&O headphones (while gorgeous for listening, and also a lovely orange colour) just don’t cut it for mixing, then the apparent solving of the Mbox problem which meant that I need to retest the contact mic… but today I feel I’m starting to get back on track. Thanks to a very kind friend who has lent me a pair of Behringer monitors he’s had kicking about his studio, and his assistance with working out exactly where the buffer setting is in Logic which also seems to have finally properly solved the Mbox problem.

So now I’m hearing a whole different version of Nightbirds and may be forced to go back over it and do a different mix. But I also feel I’m in a better position to tackle the RPM thing as a whole. Tomorrow I plan to start re-testing the contact mic to determine whether the issues were interface-related or indeed mic-related, after which I should either be able to start doing the contact mic pieces I have planned, or email the mic guy to see if we can get it fixed.

Right now, though, I am tired and full of chocolate self-saucing pudding and tea so am going to go and snooze in front of a movie…

Onwards and upwards… tomorrow!

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