Day 28: Argh

Still doing battle with this damn loop. Beginning to think I might need to post it to the Max/MSP forums. I’ve got uzi working. I’ve even got it to slow the hell down, but there’s something crazy going on and a whole bunch of numbers are being generated as output and I just can’t make any sense of where they’re coming from. Also, while it’s supposed to go around in a loop the number of times it needs to select objects, and while uzi is starting the loop that number of times, the list (which is supposed to shrink by 1 each time a number is selected) doesn’t shrink past the first one, and then the list it’s supposed to be outputting which should be the original list minus the random thing that was chosen, pops back up to being the full list. I can’t make sense of it at all.

Feeling quite worn out by this insanity – I’d really like to take a little break from it but I’m so close to the end of the project that I also don’t really want to. Maybe tomorrow I should go back to video improvs and record that last audio object and leave the code be.

If you’re a Max/MSP nerd and good with programming loops, uzi and zl, with some time on your hands to look at my horror code, please let me know!

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