Day 26: Life without while

More of the same today – still working on this compilation patch code and finding what I want to do a little difficult without a proper while-loop structure. I’m making progress – worked out how to find the length of a list and feed that back into a random number generator, how to get a random number, use that to pick an item out of the list and then output only the unselected items in the list – but how to make it go round and round? That’s not working so well yet. Hopefully will crack it tomorrow.

I’m also having second thoughts about including the 5th audio object, which was going to be just spoken pairs of words, the dualities that the whole piece is based on but I just don’t know. The concept is starting to feel a little clunky, although I’m also thinking that I shouldn’t second-guess myself, that I should stop trying to ‘get it right’ all in my head and just test it out. I was going to record it tonight to see how I feel about it when actually hearing it, but alas I ran out of time.

I finished the second video art book a couple of days ago, and I’ve actually kind of missed reading about art, so while in the Barbican library today, I figured I’d see what they had on video art, and came up with a book of essays about Bill Viola’s work, so I’ve started in on that.

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