Day 20 – ticking boxes

Feeling like everything’s a bit ploddy at the moment. I’m enjoying the work still (and procrastinating majorly on other work to do this) but I kind of feel like I’m just ticking boxes off at the moment.

That said, I’ve managed to make a bit of progress on the box-ticking today. Another four versions of the white/pink noise piece, plus I did some filming for the second video piece.

This turned out to be harder than anticipated. Oddly enough, it’s a little tricky to film oneself drawing lines when you don’t own a tripod. A monopod just isn’t the same, alas. I ended up with the Flip on the monopod, attempting to stabilise it between me and the desk while I drew. It’s a littleā€¦ wobbly but I think it’s going to be OK.

I’m wanting to combine this footage with some animated text, so I poked about in Final Cut Express a bit and found a thing that looked like it might be what I need, except that the help file is so opaque and useless that it actually provided no information whatsoever on how to get it to do anything other than scroll text across the screen ticker-tape style, rather than scrolling in and then sticking in place where I want it to. Meh. I figured it would be significantly easier in Flash – except that when I went to install Flash (because I haven’t used it in many years) Parallels decided it had no idea what a DVD drive was and once I’d accessed the installation DVD via Mac, that it couldn’t run .exe files in Windows. A little frustrating to say the least. Not sure how to deal with this.

Also, last night I decided that with the increasing complexity of the project, it might be sensible to reduce the scope a little, so rather than aim to have the entire thing done, I’m going to test it out section by section. So I plan to have a version completed, but there may need to be a couple more stages in development before it’s done.

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