Advent Calendar: 7

Playing catch-up a little, but I am triumphantly declaring that on the 7th I did nothing useful at all. Woohoo! This was, I hasten to say, by design: As I’m going to have to work solidly through the “holidays” I figured I deserved at least 1 day of rest, so I slept in extravagantly, then trotted out to the shops to buy cream and ingredients for Spanish soup, then made pikelets and coffee. Then headed back to bed to watch episodes of Black Books and sleep some more.

In the evening we went to a fabulous party with my fabulous college friends. I’m so lucky to have found such superlatively awesome people. They are all wonderful. I drank 3 glasses of wine and bopped about briefly to some very cool music at the Amersham Arms. I also dosey-doed with a complete stranger who then kissed me on the lips and had to be tapped on the arm to release me.

Alas, living in the country has its disadvantages – our last train left at 12.30 (although, conveniently, from directly outside the club!) although we both could have stayed much later, so we had to either head off or plan to be out till 6, which seemed a bit ambitious. Maybe another night!

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