Advent Calendar: 30

Back into it! Actually made a work plan and stuck to it and now Fear of Falling is 3’30” long – only 1’30” till it’s all sketched out! I was going to do some Ansel Adams work too, but Djelibeybi was being noisy with the building stuff, so I decided to head into the Tate Modern to work on the Cy Twombly project.

Well, I completely forgot that it was a Sunday and the Tate Members Room was packed. Also there were shrieking children. Not very conducive to study! However, I still managed to get some useful work done. In particular I created mindmaps for two of the critical elements I’ve been thinking about – how to map the concepts of white space and collage to a musical context. Still working on this, but it was great to get stuff down on paper.

I also made a start on getting my finances in order again. I had this under control for a while, but it seems it’s been a year since I last updated everything and I’ve just been feeling totally out of control with it, so I need to catch up and set a schedule to keep on top of this stuff. In particular, I need to work hard at paying off my credit card, which has been suffering ever since I got my root canal crowned a year ago. So I figure that’s good work too.

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