Advent Calendar: 24

Today I have succeeded in being quite anti-social, of which I’m rather proud, really 🙂 The result of which is that the Ansel Adams piece is now up to 2’30”. Mostly I’m quite pleased with it, but I may hack off the last 5 bars though. I like the sound of it, but it’s kind of slinky and jazzy which doesn’t mesh with where I’m trying to go, so while I like it, it’s probably going to go when I next look at it. Still, I’m pleased with the progress and starting to include a few bits of more movement which I’ll expand on in the second section. Still no idea what I’m going to call this piece. Should probably think about that!

I had a look at Fear of Falling too, which I’ve left fallow for a few days. Not entirely convinced by the last bit I wrote there too, but I’ll need a bit more brain-space to tackle that one, I think, and sneaking in anti-social composing with one ear while participating in conversation with the rels with the other is probably not the time!

Oh, and we’ve received the deadline for the harp piece – 15 March! Which should give plenty of time to work on Paint, Knives, Lipstick with my harpists once we’re all back at college. Need to work on laying this out properly in Finale. This is, of course, the curse of trying to use slightly experimental notation, in that it’s not straightforward to lay out. I did try doing the first section by hand but my page turns are a bit messed up, and since I finished it my tutor suggested some tweaks which of course mean I have to write out the whole thing again, so I think bending Finale to do my bidding will actually be easier. Heigh ho.

I have also made gingerbread and am finishing off cooking a jerk ham while I type 🙂

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