Advent Calendar: 22

Kind of a messed up day today. My plan had been: Sleep in, compose, wrap some presents, trim tree. Instead, after a much-interrupted sleep-in, we discovered that while we’d thought we were travelling to Christmas on Monday, we were actually expected today, so we’ve kind of had to drop everything, compress 2 1/2 days of prep into 1 so we can travel tomorrow. Eep! Good thing I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, although it seems that Djeli hasn’t got me anything yet, so we may be going on a little shopping jaunt to Brighton on Monday. Ah well. That should be fun! Any recommendations for nice shops to visit there will be most gratefully received 🙂

Today Sound Collective launched their charity album of experimental music, No Room? which I have duly purchased and am looking forward to listening to it properly… probably when Christmas is over! I don’t have anything on this one (too busy!) but several of my amazingly talented friends do – get yours here! All the proceeds go to the Crisis at Christmas charity, so you get some really interesting sounds AND a warm fuzzy glow too 🙂

Alas, I very much doubt I’ll get any composing or research done today – it’s now 9.30 and I still need to find the ebelskiver pan, the ebelskiver cookbook, hang out another load of washing, wrap all the presents, write all the cards to go with the presents and bag up little parcels of ingredients for the jerk ham, gingerbread and smoked salmon ebelskivers I’ll be making when we arrive at our Christmas destination – at this rate I’ll be lucky to get some sleep!

I am planning on blocking out a little space of time each day while I’m away though, to try to get some stuff done, however little. Really can’t afford to take four whole days off!

At any rate, while I hope to still be blogging over Christmas, I’m hoping you’ll all be having such a fabulous time that you won’t have time to read it! So, while I still have your attention, I shall wish you a very Merry Christmas – I hope it’s as stuffed full of festivity as a turkey is of stuffing! Merry Christmas!

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