Advent Calendar: 21

It was looking like today would go the way of yesterday, but no! I managed to cram in 1 pomodoro’s worth of work on the Ansel Adams piece, which resulted in another 45 seconds of music sketched out – it’s rampaging along to the 2-minute mark now. Really happy with it, although I think I probably need to go over what I have and thicken up some textures a little, and tie sections together, but it’s making good progress. Also did a tiny bit of Twombly study on the train.

And of course Tate WOULD be having a sale when I got there to buy a Christmas present for Djeli’s nephew. Sods. Apparently it’ll go on for a month, so I just need to cross fingers that the books I want will still be there after Christmas because in my family we have a pact that we buy NOTHING for ourselves in the month before Christmas. Of course, I’ve already broken that with buying the big Twombly book, and truth be told I broke it again yesterday because they had a copy of the Tate’s introductory book on Abstract Expressionism for about £4 instead of about £8, and it’s going to be helpful both for the Twombly project and the string quartet, so I did cave on that, but I was super-strong and didn’t get either the book on De Stijl (£12.50 instead of £25) or the book on Modernism. Or any of the other yummy things I didn’t dare look at closely. Will be back there next week for sure!

Christmas shopping is now done, though, thank heavens.

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