Advent Calendar: 18

Hmm. Need to pull my socks up again – I’m slipping! No composing done today. This morning I accidentally slept in because the heater got left on overnight and so I was all sluggish from the heat in the morning. Then I realised I had to touch up the paint on the bedroom floor where it got scratched up when we moved the bed and Djeli assembled his chest of drawers, so I didn’t really start to think about my own work until about 1pm.

I did, however, get some study done for the Cy Twombly project – reading a book called Visible Deeds of Music at the moment, which has a very interesting first chapter mostly focusing on how art and music have been considered, in terms of what they are, should be and how they interact, over the course of history. Tomorrow’s the last day the college library is open until the New Year, so I’ve been focusing on the Twombly project to try to determine what I might want to borrow to look at over Christmas. I don’t know that I’ve really come up with an answer to that, but I’m going to go in anyway, wander the shelves and see what appeals. I should probably try to bring back some scores too – perhaps of some of the stuff on the Orchestration – Medium listening list.

Due to ongoing headache though, I didn’t really get much done today. Painting, reading, made soup, deleted my Instagram account now it’s gone all Facebook on us (but ooh I hope this resuscitates Flickr a bit – I so miss the old gang there!), listened to some Fauré piano music (very restorative for the soul) and wussed out of going to birthday drinks for a college friend because by the time I should have been getting ready not only was the headache much worse but my vision was going all fuzzy and everything spinning gently. The problem improved with the application of cheese and since eating the soup, I’m feeling quite a bit better, so I guess it’s a combination of stress, tiredness and not eating well. Shame. I really wanted to go!

I have at last made up a Finale file for the Ansel Adams piece, which I really need to get started on. It doesn’t have any notes in it yet, but at least it exists. Yes, that’s lame, but there it is… [update: as of half past midnight, it’s now 30 seconds long. Yay for beginnings!]

I also started thinking about this year and working on a ‘creative goals for 2013’ post. Going to refine this over the next few days before I post it. I seem to have failed at about 90% of my goals for this year, but most of the ones I failed at were overtaken by other stuff, so I don’t mind all that much.

Anyway, to bed now. Hoping tomorrow will be more productive.

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