Advent Calendar: 17

I finished painting the bedroom floor! Well, not entirely, because moving the bed around has lifted a few little spots and there are some scuff marks I’ll need to repair, but yay! It looks SO much better. Kind of actually like a real bedroom, not a slum campsite. Woot!

And I took delivery of the enormous Writings on Cy Twombly – this is the one I was working with at the Tate the other day, the one that I calculated was cheaper to just buy than to pay for even half the trips required to go to Tate to read it. Can’t wait to really get stuck into it now.

Woohoo! Enormous study book has arrived!

And I was a good little girl and did two pomodoros-worth of work on Fear of Falling. I’m really liking this piece (now just a few seconds shy of 3 minutes long) but don’t really have a vision for how it’s going to end and I feel I need to think about that – and soon. It’s been proceeding so well without a plan, or at least just working off the idea I had for the opening – this one’s been very much an intuitive piece, following along where it seems to want to go, but with two minutes to work through still, I think I need to be working out how it wants to end and think about how to help it get there. Still haven’t started on the Ansel Adams piece, but at least this one’s progressing well.

Plus some client work. And messing a bit with the mindmap I started yesterday for the Twombly project. And sending an Amazon thingy back where it came from via a huge queue at the post office. Busy!

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