I have spent the entire day attempting to reinstall my computer. What a nightmare. Getting Tiger onto it went fine, then when it became apparent that I couldn’t just skip straight to Snow Leopard, I left the Leopard upgrade running while I went out to walk from Leicester Square to St Paul’s by way of Buckingham Palace and Southbank with Djelibeybi and a visiting friend. Came back and all seemed to have gone well except that it wanted me to register again but then that failed midstream because it lost the network, so I had to crash out of it. It restarted OK and everything seemed hunky-dory and I couldn’t find how to get back into the registration thing, so I went ahead with Snow Leopard – which then failed and then would let me either reinstall Leopard or run the version that was installed. Ended up having to dig out my old Tiger bootable disk and boot from that in order for the DVD drive to be recognised so I could reinstall Leopard (which then didn’t show me the registration screen at all) which allowed me to have a more successful stab at installing Snow Leopard.

But I did get there in the end and the machine seems very much the healthier for it. I downloaded and installed a truckload of stuff that needed to go on, and installed (finally!) the whole of Logic Studio – can’t wait to play around with all of those instruments!

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