Recovery achievements

Still recovering from the dental work and lower back pain. Honestly, I feel like an old woman! Must sort myself out before I crack up entirely. But it was a good day nevertheless. Small achievements.

  • Had a letter from ING Direct offering me a fancy rate on a cash ISA for next year if I pre-ordered. And for once I actually just filled out the form and sent it straight away. So that’s good. Don’t need to think about savings for another year (apart from actually putting money in the thing).
  • The bonus from my last employer for referring a new staff member to them came through. This is very exciting. £1000! Half of it is going to a friend because the girl I recommended is a friend of my friend. I’ve actually never met her, so it seemed only fair to share the loot. His half is going on a tax bill. My half is going on dentistry. Woah. Stop this crazy fun-filled ride?
  • Wrote a blog post! For the first time in a couple of weeks my head was actually clear enough to think about and then write stuff. I think it might be mildly interesting to some folk. Maybe. Hope so. The hardest part about blogging is actually thinking up stuff that others might find interesting to read, but I guess that’s all part of finding your “Right People” – if it’s something you find interesting, then hopefully someone out there will find it interesting too. Time will tell. Traffic on had a mysterious spike last Tuesday. No reason for it. I haven’t created much new content – posted a couple of files to SoundCloud (the Three Whitman Songs, if you missed it 🙂 ), but that doesn’t usually generate backlink traffic because most people just play them and don’t read the blurb or go hunting for more info. And the promotion I did for those was directly to SoundCloud so no clue what’s happening there.
  • And we watched A Single Man, which was amazing. Colin Firth is just incredible. So glad Djeli picked it. And he made me soup because I still can’t eat anything much that’s not squishy. What a darling. (Djelibeybi, not Colin Firth.)

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