An end?

Yes, I know I keep saying that the violin piece is done, but there always seems to be more checking to do. Today I experimented a bit with some of the ideas my tutor suggested for it – I think the pizzicato I’m not so keen on, but I LOVE the harmonics idea – he totally understood immediately just by listening to the piece that there are moments of complete stillness in there and harmonics will convey that just perfectly. I think he’s also right about it not using the whole range. I may not be 100% comfortable with the higher reaches of the violin’s range, but it’s characteristic and I think the piece will be better for even just a touch of stratosphere here and there. And I’ve included his idea for double-stopping the open E string with a stopped E (same pitch) too. Just here and there for extra colour and emphasis. Really quite pleased with it now. As in, more than before. But of course it has to settle overnight too.

Also did some drawing. Well, not real drawing, pattern-making really. I did a couple just over a week ago and I’ve had this one in my head ever since but just hadn’t got around to doing it. Oddly enough it looks kind of like a tsunami, but the idea was definitely pre-Japan-earthquake. Heigh ho.

And I made an apple crumble. But I didn’t get around to writing my blog post for because I want this week’s to be on the violin piece, but obviously that kind of needs to be finished itself before I can really write about it. Suspect the blog post may be a bit late this week…

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