Taking shape…

Today I’ve been working on the new raspberryblue.com website. It’s a challenge, mostly because it’s going to have that same sort of problem that minim-media.com had, which is the clashing of webstuff and music stuff. I think it can be worked around here because at least they’re all paying services, but there’s still a bit of disconnect. And I think I’ll have to have two separate mailing lists for them because apart from a small subset who are interested in both (probably composers who are serious about getting their stuff heard), mostly I suspect those who want the web stuff will find the music posts irrelevant and vice versa. Which makes things a little tricky. But I’ve set up my content management system for the site (Drupal again) and installed a base theme which has been built using HTML 5 and is supposed to be all accessible and that, so hoping it’s up to my rigorous coding standards 😀 Seems OK so far. One day I’ll have a stab at building my own from scratch, but if I’m to make any money from it to support my composing habit, this site needs to be online ASAP.

So for now I’ve been contemplating the rough structure of it. I’ve set up the blog and posted one article. Got another couple waiting in the wings, but I wanted to make sure it went up OK, appeared in the right place (sort of – need to work on that) and was basically functioning OK. It seems to be. Still a ton of work to do to make it stylish and snazzy, and still plenty to learn, but it’s the start of a structure and the start of really thinking about how I’m going to talk about what I’m going to be doing on there.

I doubt I’ll be getting much more done on it this week though because the week is FULL, I tell you. Completely full.

This morning I turned on the computer to discover that I am now a composition teacher 🙂 It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to start and of course you need a student to start with who is willing to be a bit guineapiggy while one works out how to approach teaching such a vague and amorphous thing as composition. So now a friend of mine is eager to be said guineapig, so we have our first lesson tomorrow, which I’m hoping will go well. Just an introductory one really this week so I can start thinking about how to approach it. Once that’s done I’m off to Kent for an introductory tour and session thingy for a commission my friend Simone and I are putting a proposal together for.

Thursday and Friday we have lovely houseguests and then it’s the weekend. Where does the time go???

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