Not such a nice day

Well, it started with the dentist. Need I really say more? But that wasn’t too bad, really – I had to get a referral to a specialist for this wretched root canal that needs to be done, and she didn’t charge me for that, which was nice. Then I had a nice walk back to Pitshanger, delivered the x-ray to the specialist and made an appointment (24th of March – apparently he only works every second week!) then went on to the physio who at least was very pleased with my progress and started me on some new exercises.

All of which left me quite shattered, so I didn’t really achieve much else, but I did finally write the follow-up blog post to the one I wrote on programme notes a while back and sent it off to my informant on Twitter to make sure I got my facts right. Looking like I pretty much have, so far.

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