A first step

Today I made a pretty momentous decision: I’m not going to apply for the job at the Tate. Instead, I’m going to carry on focusing on my music and really put some effort into exploring alternative revenue ideas, audience-building for my music, that sort of thing. To that end, today I was a bit daring and bought two e-book packages from Chris Guillebeau who writes the Art of Non-conformity blog – Working for Yourself and Art + Money. Obviously I know a fair bit about business on the internet, but my knowledge is a bit scattered, picked up from here and there and not learned in a straightforward way, so there are bound to be gaps. Mr Guillebeau has been making his living from mostly small-scale internet projects for the past 10 years, so I figured I could learn something from him, and Art + Money contains sections on things like audience-building which, I must confess, is something that’s kind of eluded me a bit. Had a couple of small problems with downloading the packages, but these are mostly resolved and as Chris answers all his email himself, I have no doubt that any lingering issues will be quickly sorted.

I started reading Working for Yourself on the train to Surrey for tonight’s percussion workshop and it’s looking pretty good and sparking some ideas, so I’ll see where I go with it. Percussion workshop was, as always, good (although I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m developing an allergy to Surrey – I always seem to come away feeling coldy. It’s cleared itself up within a day each of the previous times, so hopefully this one will too). Tonight we did drumkit! So we each got to have a play on a proper drumkit. Lots of fun but gee-whiz you have to be co-ordinated. When it comes right though, it’s grand. Next week’s the last one, which is a shame, but I think it’s been worthwhile to do, even if the travel has cost me a fortune (£14 each time!). Note to self, though: Do not miss the 6 o’clock train because the 6.30 is packed and makes you late as well.

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