Mobile mischief

SUPER-frustrating day today. My phone decided yesterday that it would send every SMS out 3 times. This morning it upped the ante to 7 times so I sighed and sat down to see if I could do something about it. First step: clear off the disk and install the operating system upgrades that have been languishing for a week or so. Result? 14 copies of a single test SMS. In the end, after much inconclusive research, I backed up (as much as I could – seems Android doesn’t seem to have a proper backup system and all the ones in the app store seem flawed) and did a factory reset. Fortunately this seems to have fixed the problem, but I’m still reinstalling and tweaking settings and making sure everything’s set up the way I like it. Pluses: Android Market keeps track of what you’ve bought with your Google account and lets you just reinstall with no fuss. Quite nice having a clean disk again. Minuses: Helluva pallaver. Android Market doesn’t seem to keep track of the free apps you had, so I’m just trying to remember what those were and taking the attitude that if I can’t remember it, I probably wasn’t using it that much. The whole process has taken most of the day, with a despairing nap and quick round of Sim City on the iPad in between. No music achieved at all, which makes me tetchy and sad, given yesterday’s hard work setting up the desk. I did, however, listen in to Deutschlandradio’s Philipp Blume profile – some lovely music there. Damn shame mein Deutsch ist so schlecht I couldn’t understand anything that was being said so I am none the wiser as to which pieces I was listening to. Heigh ho. New music FTW at any rate.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the Gaugin exhibition at the Tate Modern – been feeling like I’m gradually sinking into a dark grey hole over the last couple of days – I guess with Durham having been so fun and intellectually stimulating and hanging out with wonderful new friends, being at home on my own with a huge and depressing to-do list and feeling a little lost with one of the pieces I’m working on, is just making me sad. So I think I need to take myself out and see something marvellous to shake my brain up and show it it CAN be perky even without the stimulus of Durham and lovely friends. I have also, tonight, ordered a bunch of books from Amazon – first-reading stuff for the opera! I’ve not really ordered from Amazon Marketplace sellers till recently, and never books, so I’m a little nervous, but hey! one of them was only going to be available second-hand anyway and at £0.01 (plus postage), who’s complaining?!

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