Bad head day today. Not sure why – intermittent panic attacks, excessive need for sleep, inability to actually get anything useful done. I have half-packed the dishwasher, failed to launder clothes to take to Edinburgh tomorrow, failed to go out and do essential shopping (although if I pull myself together in the next half-hour I may still be able to do this), failed to do anything musical at all even though I really really need to get back to both the orchestral arrangement of Deconstruct: Point, line, plane and the string quartet version of Pieces of Eight. Hoping I may be able to report better news later in the evening, but right now it’s not seeming likely. I even managed to put off to extinction working on the last counterpoint exercise of the chapter which would mean I could get on with the next chapter in the book, but I guess that one’s going to have to wait till next week now – the only thing I actually DID achieve today was to book train tickets to take me to Edinburgh to spend the weekend with Djelibeybi seeing his new investment property.

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