Ended up reviewing tags across this whole site. I’ve recently (since Creative Pact) starting adding project tags to posts, which is increasingly ending up as composition tags (yay!) which has led to me thinking I might post links to individual pieces’ posts – don’t know whether anyone would find it interesting to follow through the lifespan of a piece from first idea or doodle through to multiple performances and worldwide fame (ahem!) but it might provide insights. And possibly to me too – it might help me identify stumbling blocks and grooves. So I’ve been through and tagged every post here that is marked as relating to “composition”. Mostly they were straightforward, but I suspect I need to check some stuff – some of the very earliest posts talk about “the psalm” but as I did settings of both Psalm 1 and Psalm 47 (which I’d forgotten) around then, I’ll need to look up and see which one they should be. Suspect Psalm 1… let’s see if I’m right.

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