A BIG day

This morning I was in Edinburgh. Then I sat on a train for several hours and then I was in London in the afternoon. Then I sat on another couple of trains and went to Surrey.

For tonight was the first of the London Composers Forum percussion workshops – every year they do a set of workshops for composers to learn about an instrument or some aspect of composing (last year’s, which I missed, was on the organ) which they then follow up with a project to write for that instrument. Anyway, this year’s is percussion, so three of us went along to our tame percussionist’s house where we were regaled with tea and chocolate biscuits and taught the basics of how to play the djembe and a little bit of African drumming. And there was some score-reading too: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, which is always a hoot. It was a little random, but all in all, a good first session – very much looking forward to next week’s. Oh, and some sleep.

Got a fair bit of work done on the train back from Edinburgh at least – all the notes for the string quartet Pieces of Eight are now in Finale, so I just need to finish the layout, and I did a bunch more work on the orchestral arrangement too, although that’s not really feeling like it’s coming together yet.

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