The magic of beetroot

Totally messed-up day. Didn’t even get to look at the score of the quintet, far less finish it off like I’d hoped to today. Grr. Frustrating! But less of that and more of what I did achieve.

What I achieved was a whole lot of cooking. Thanks to the magic of beetroot and some new recipes, I provided a very pink dinner. First up were Nigel Slater’s lamb and beetroot patties, served up with tzatziki, which were fiddly but delicious. I’d definitely make them again, but probably not as a last-minute dinner. And I also made Nigella Lawson’s beetroot and cranberry cake from Nigella Christmas, which turned out well, and was nice and a bit different, but not hugely memorable, as far as I’m concerned – but that could just be that I’m not wild about any sort of fruit in cake even if it is cranberries. And not being a fan of the carrot cake either, perhaps that’s what did for me. It was a very pretty coloured mixture though! Cooked it wasn’t so pink, but still quite pretty.

Great colour - does it matter what it tastes like?

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