Snow day!

Still exhausted, and with the heavy snowfall and the arrival of Djelibeybi’s sister to stay for the weekend, most of the day got wasted in frantic house-cleaning, then photographing the snow. I never did quite wake up and though I tried very hard in the afternoon to progress the layout stuff for the quintet, nothing really got done, so in the end I gave up and made a chicken and leek pie instead. I fell asleep in front of the telly in the evening, which is a measure of how exhausted I was – I NEVER do that. I absolutely loathe it. Heigh ho.

Winter wonderland, Ealing

And, in the interests of Christmas culinary experimentation, we made our first-ever batch of ebelskivers. Just plain ones, with the vanilla sugar we brought back from Copenhagen several Christmases ago sprinkled over them. They turned out fabulously – I was worried about turning them over, to start with (you need to turn them with 2 skewers which looked harder than it turned out to be) and whether they’d be cooked in the middle. But both worries turned out to be without cause. They went down very well – and very fast, so it now looks like we’ll have a go at making a version with dill in the batter and a smoked salmon and cream cheese filling (out of our ebelskiver cookbook) for Boxing Day breakfast.

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