Push that dynamic, prod that bar number

Today has been a day of pushing and prodding bits and pieces, slowly coercing the quintet’s parts to be respectable and intelligible. Some of it has been successful; some less so (most notably the issue of key signature – I habitually write without key signatures, using a mixture of sharps and flats as required, but this piece is particularly tricky to work out what key signature it should use because it’s continually contradicting itself), but progress has been made and I do believe that at this stage (2.30am) the score is essentially done and the parts are well on their way.

I also went and saw the dental hygienist (what an exciting life I lead) and was told that I have neither plaque nor calculus so yay for the new electric toothbrush. I got snowed on twice. Djeli’s Christmas present turned up, turned out to be larger than expected and has necessitated the participation of parents to hide it until I can get enough wrapping paper to cover the box. And I accompanied my mama to a lovely concert at Wigmore Hall of Debussy, Bax, Vaughan Williams, Puccini and Piazzolla chamber works – really gorgeous, just a shame my brain was whirring away desperately trying to work out the key signature issue so I didn’t really take in as much as I might have, but it made for a nice interlude in what otherwise would have been a dull and stressful evening.

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