Ongoing quintet saga

Still exhausted, but at least today I managed to choof everyone out of the house and get some solid work done. I haven’t finished yet (taking a 1am break as I type this) but the score I think is essentially done in Finale and I’ve adapted the second cello part for the double bass. The parts still need work. Potentially a LOT of work. Which really has to be done tonight. The good news is that in the few days since I finished the piece, I’ve come to really really love it. I think it might be one of my favourites (shh! don’t tell the other pieces!). And now I’m really looking forward to Durham and the chance to see what it sounds like for real. Just hoping that the interlocking rhythms won’t be too hard for the performers – once it’s all sent off I might have a think about possible alternatives if it proves just too difficult.

Oh, and I baked a mushroom pie for dinner, which seemed to go down well with the ravening hordes.

OK. Time to put the nose back to the grindstone. Wishing I’d bought those chocolate teacakes at M&S now…

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