Yes! At last I’ve finished the quintet and its layout and sent it off to CoMA. Really hope it’s OK. I was ‘playing’ through the parts as I checked them and some of the counting is, frankly, a bit of a cow. Contemplating making a simplified version of some sections and adding in more cue notes after Christmas, if there’s time, in case it’s really too hard for the players to fathom. I just have no idea of what 4th-5th grade Trinity actually means, having been through AMEB grades, which are a little different. Someone recommended that the double bass part not go above a B, but then the Trinity syllabus has DB players playing 1 octave scales on D from 3rd grade, so it’s very hard to tell – I guess I’ll only know when I go along to the masterclass. But at least I’m VERY pleased with the piece itself as a piece of writing, if I ignore the whole amateur aspect, and the point of the masterclass is to learn, so if it all goes wrong then I guess I’ll learn a lot!

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