An end!

OMG! All of a sudden this afternoon the quintet just went there and there and took a little turn there and all of a sudden it just rushed off and finished itself!!! I can’t quite believe we made it, but I let it settle for a little, while I prepared the dry ingredients for the Pudding Mark II, and yes, it’s really found it’s finishing point. I still have a truckload of work to do with tweaks and layout and so on, but at least the music’s found where it’s going so it really is tweaking and adjusting rather than actual pull-notes-out-of-thin-air composition.

And, of course, I made more Christmas puddings – this time a 1-pound and a 2-pound pudding, the 2-pounder in one of the gorgeous traditional enamelled metal pudding basins that my friend sent me for Christmas.

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