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Wrote some notes today. Not terribly many, but I did feel it was important to push myself through the barrier I’d ended up at. Still think I need to go through the score and pull out the main themes. Don’t know why I’m getting so much resistance to this, but I really should make myself do that tomorrow.

At any rate, I’d done a bit of thinking and ended up with a new blog post over on, considering the vague vs the specific in tempo markings.

In other news, Gorecki died this morning. His Symphony No. 3 had a huge impact on me when I first heard it at uni, before the whole Dawn Upshaw recording took off like a rocket (see? sometimes I am ahead of the cool curve!). I remember being just astounded at the audacity of the man, to write something so incredibly simple and just pile it up and keep piling it up, even after you thought your heart would burst with the beauty of it. An amazing work. Of course, his other work contains some fabulous stuff too. Watching the tribute tweets, someone recommended this recording of some of his lesser known works, Henryk Gorecki: Life Journey, by Chamber Domaine, and it’s fantastic. I’ve added it to my Christmas list. So, rest in peace, Henryk Gorecki, you made my life a more beautiful place – thank you.

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