Quintet again

I’ve not been trying to do anything on the quintet the last few days – it was freaking me out a little and my brain was feeling fried with all the socialising I’ve had to do, so I just focused on enjoying my parents for a few days and the piece lie quietly. Yesterday, though, I sent the parental units off to the Isle of Wight for a few days, so today I really had no more excuses so I (eventually) made myself sit down and I seem to have come up with some notes – just a small figure, based on falling parallel 7ths, which I think must be in retaliation against all the counterpoint exercises I’ve done. Mr Fux would be aghast. It’s not much, but it feels like it could be a proper start. I do think I need to get away from the piano as soon as possible – it’s messing with my sound-world for this piece and the practicalities of working at the piano when there are people in the house (and a mother playing it every day) are… flawed, so I’m thinking I might take what I’ve got and go straight into Finale with it. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

And some news today – the London New Wind Festival are thinking of playing my piece Deconstruct: Point, line, plane again! And they want me to be on a composer panel before the performance, which should be… interesting. Haven’t done one of those before. As a musicologist, yes, but not as a composer. Eek!

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