A spark!

This morning I was starting to feel like I was plunging into a bit of a black hole with this piece – I don’t have terribly long in which to write it and I just couldn’t feel my way. Coupled with the house feeling like it was overfilled with people and that I didn’t have any space in my own head and things were looking pretty bleak. So I packed up my sketchbook and copy of Rothko’s book The Artist’s Reality and took myself off to the Tate. En route I picked up a restorative bar of Green & Black’s white chocolate and a copy of Jamie magazine (cooking magazines always make me feel better) and cranked up the John Adams on my iPod and the resuscitation of my soul was nearly complete before I even got to St Paul’s.

As I walked down to the Tate Modern – through St Paul’s churchyard and over the Millennium Bridge – I thought about the slim collection of ideas I’d been half-heartedly kicking about for the past few days. I noticed some of the detail in the stonework on St Paul’s – decorative curls like leaves wrapping around something – and suddenly it all started to fall into place – from the thickets of the Cy Twombly Dionesian paintings I saw at the Tate on Sunday through ideas of enclosure, safety and security to claustrophobia and oppression, it all started to come together at last. Of course, it’s still got a long way to go and I haven’t even got notes on paper yet, but at last I have a direction to go in!

2 thoughts on “A spark!

  1. “Like”.

    I so envy that you can just up and head off to the Tate or wherever like that. It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d love to be able to do and why I need to leave this island. I’m glad you found what you were looking for.

  2. Oh I envy me too! Dreading the day when I have to go back to Australia and leave all the wonderful galleries and museums behind so I’m making the most of it now!

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