Content pages at last

Phew! For a little bit there I didn’t think I was going to get to any of my Creative Pact work done at all today, but lo, a little bit of quiet time became available and I’ve actually managed to knock over the two hardest content pages – ‘hardest’ because one needed to be rewritten and the other needed to be written from scratch. So now that’s the biography and the credo written, so I’m feeling a bit calmer now. Mostly from here the content’s going to be cut’n’paste from Minim Media, so it should be relatively easy to deal with. Might have a stab at the first of the composition pages before I turn in tonight, just to see how it goes.

I always find writing a new credo a bit of a challenge. On the one hand, I think it’s a useful thing to have in a site (although none of my previous attempts have ever actually made it online) because it can help to explain some of the peculiarities of a composer’s style or approach which may not be immediately apparent from short soundbites on a website. On the other hand though, writing these things makes me feel a bit of a self-absorbed prat. But I think the usefulness (especially considering recent misunderstandings) is going to outweigh the feelings of pratfulness (?) and this one will actually make it to the site.

I did have a question of semantics raised during today’s writing, which was the issue of how to code up titles. There doesn’t really seem (still) to be an adequate way of doing this in HTML 5, and I guess that, while common, it’s a bit more of a specialist need than the spec is likely to handle, so from what I can see, the best that can be done is still <span class=”title”>. At least it’ll be an improvement on what’s in the site now, which is plain ol’ unsemantic <em>s but it rankles my cataloguer’s soul. It feels like there should be a tag for something so common. Will have to learn to cope, I guess 🙂

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