Art shopping!

Djeli’s got all excited and wants to do some bookbinding, so we went off to Shepherd’s bookbinding supplies in Holborn where I actually managed to not buy anything at all – but could easily have walked out with pretty much everything in the shop – so many delicious papers! Djeli got a heap of stuff – self-healing mat, bone folder, two types of glue, paper, all sorts of things. Next stop was Blade’s Rubber Stamps, where I enquired about a Stravinsky-esque rolling manuscript stamp, but alas they don’t seem to exist and they can’t make rolling stamps to order – something about it being very difficult to get the rolling bits. Then on to Cornelissen’s art shop near the British Museum, which I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time. Yum! Again, I could have bought out the shop, but contented myself with a nib holder, a special music manuscript nib (which works better than the one I had in Sydney which blopped on everything – given that music is all about blops on lines, it’s more helpful if the lines don’t provide their own blops!), a calligraphy nib (cos I was already buying the holder and I’ve been wanting to get back into calligraphy but all my equipment’s in Sydney) and – of course – a bottle of ink. I managed to find some waterproof calligraphy ink, which I consider a bit of an achievement 🙂 Oh – and a daylight simulation bulb too. Then we moved on to John Lewis where I bought knitting needles with which to knit up my mama’s chenille yarn into a scarf, and looked at Anglepoise lamps for future (not-too-distant-future) reference. All in all, a very successful day!

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