Had afternoon tea in Arbroath

After a productive morning’s work and my friend’s physiotherapy appointment, we drove out to Abroath where we had a spectacular afternoon tea at Sugar and Spice – a teapot full of tea, little sandwiches (I had chicken, my friend had ham), simply enormous and amazing scones with superb raspberry jam and cream, plus a small strawberry tart, a raspberry/white chocolate/caramel slice and two shortbread biscuits. We finished our scones and then declared ourselves stuffed to puss’s bow so we had to ask for a doggy bag for the cakes – they looked too good to waste!

And of course a walk was in order to deal with the aftermath, so after buying a few small treats from the sweetshop section for djelibeybi, we wandered along the seafront and up into Arbroath before buying some Arbroath smokies (smoked fish – mackeral maybe? very tasty) for tea and heading home. Lovely!

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