Playing catch-up

I know it looks like I’ve been slacking off big-time, but the truth is I’ve been being manically creative left, right and centre – drawing, walking, listening to music (my new composer/group for the month is Radiohead) and reading books. Not to mention accidentally getting myself employed again, which has been a big contributor to the silence.

So, a bit of a summary:

  • Finished reading Danny Gregory’s ‘The Creative License’
  • Read a surprisingly fascinating and inspiring book on creating sketchbooks for textile artists
  • Have started reading a book on assorted watercolour techniques for painting landscapes (but will be useful elsewhere too, of course)
  • Done a bunch of drawing, including a capsicum, a sketch of the Thames at Hammersmith and a pair of mackeral fillets, the last two of which I also coloured with my watercolour paints; the first with my coloured pencils with which I am still totally in love.
  • Went for a couple of walks, covering the next section of the super-long walk across London I am gradually working my way through.

See? Not slack at all… really!

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